Generic Astelin (Azelastine)

Astelin is associate medicine nasal spray accustomed treat allergic reaction symptoms like sneeze and unquiet, runny nose.

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Product Description

Common use

Astelin is associate degree medicine nasal spray that wont to treat hypersensitivity reaction symptoms like sneeze and fretful, runny nose. This medication is functioning by block the action of aminoalkane, that reduces hypersensitivity reaction symptoms. conjointly Astelin is employed for treating such symptoms as liquid nose or stuffy nose, and symptom.

Dosage and direction

Astelin ought to be used for nose solely, thus please avoid contacting with eyes. Blow your nose before victimisation this medication. The suggested beginning dose is four sprays each day . once 3 days the suggested dose is a pair of sprays each day.

Note: this instruction given here only for review. It's terribly necessary to refer to your doctor before victimisation. It facilitate your to urge best results.


Use with cautions if your medical record include: allergies, cardiopathy, excretory organ issues,high force per unit area, liver issues. victimisation Astelin with alcohol or CNS depressants will increase facet effects. Astelin mustn't be used throughout physiological condition, changing into physiological condition or fresh. don't use Astelin before breast-feeding while not doctor's permission.


Astelin isn't allowed to individuals with: hypersensitivity reaction to any antihistamines; slender angle glaucoma; bladder neck obstruction; symptomatic endocrine hypertrophy; wheezing attack; stenosing biological process ulcer; pyloroduodenal obstruction. Atelin mustn't be utilized in neonates (possible association with SIDS)

Possible facet impact

They may embrace associate degree allergic reaction: hives; issue breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. conjointly the foremost doable facet effects include:

bronchospasm (shortness of breath, tightness in chest, wheezing);

fast or uneven heartbeats.

Less serious include:

a bitter style in your mouth;


drowsiness or dizziness;

dry mouth, sore throat;

burning in your nose;

weight gain;



cough, sneezing, runny nose, cold symptoms; or

eye redness.

If you expertise one amongst them stop victimisation Astelin and tell your doctor as presently as doable. conjointly refer to your doctor concerning any facet impact that appears uncommon.

Drug interaction

Astelin move with such medication as: antiacid, sleep medicines, sedatives, tranquilizers, medicine for anxiety, narcotic pain relievers, antidepressants or alternative medical specialty medicine, alternative antihistamines. conjointly note that interaction between 2 medications doesn't invariably mean that you just should stop taking one amongst them. as was common it affects the the impact of medication, thus refer to your doctor concerning however it interactions are being managed or ought to be managed.

Missed dose

If you forgot to require your dose in time, please pair as presently as you bear in mind. however don't take if it's too late or virtually time for your next dose. don't take double or further doses. Take your sometimes dose next day within the same often time.


Symptoms of associate degree Astelin dose are unknown, however most doable might embrace extreme drowsiness. If you expertise one amongst them or f you experience any uncommon symptom decision your doctor straight off.


Store at temperature between twenty and twenty five degrees C (68 and seventy seven degrees F). Store aloof from heat, moisture, and light. don't store within the rest room. Keep the bottle upright with the pump tightly closed. defend from state change.

Keep out of the reach of youngsters.


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